🎼🚀Developing inner musicality can have a powerful impact….

🎼🚀Developing inner musicality can have a powerful impact.

We spoke with Jimmy Rotheram, the man behind an incredible success story in the UK school system. Feversham Primary Academy made headlines after transforming from one of the worst-performing schools in the country to well above average, in just a few short years. So why are we talking about this on the Musicality Podcast?

🎓Well, it turns out that a large part of their success is attributable to a greatly increased and improved music education programme for all students.

As you’ll learn in this interview it wasn’t just “adding music” that made the difference. It was a particular kind of music education which focuses on developing the inner musicality of each child – and which can be equally powerful for adults too.

This is a really interesting and inspiring story even if you don’t have a particular interest in childhood music education yourself, so whether you’re a parent, a teacher, or just a musician yourself, you’ll get a lot out of this conversation.