For many reasons, opera has gotten a pretty bad rap in th…

Open Your Ears to Modern Electronic Opera

For many reasons, opera has gotten a pretty bad rap in the last few decades. But opera in the 21st century is not your great-grandma’s opera. Opera today embraces the spirit of traditional opera but adds in technology, jazz, pop music, and even sci-fi to make opera relevant to the third millennium listener.

Somewhere in the world, there is a child picking up a sax…

6 Benefits Of Music Lessons For Kids

Somewhere in the world, there is a child picking up a saxophone for the first time and learning to play. Perhaps instead they simply lead a full and fruitful life,Perhaps they never become famous, but forever love to play music for its sake while their path takes them in a more conventional direction.

One thing we know for certain is that music lessons help propel kids further in many aspects one might not assume are remotely connected to learning to play music.

12 ways To Be A Better Improviser

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12 Ways to be a Better Improviser

Improvisation is a wonderfully fun musical activity but it can be challenging to learn. Here are twelve effective ways you can develop and improve your own ability to improvise music.

You can download a handy printable version of the 12 ways to become a better improviser by clicking here:

Now whatever instrument you play, genre you prefer, or level you have reached, let’s dive into the twelve ways you can become a better improviser!

1. Start From the Beginning

2. Nurture an Attitude of Fun

3. Focus on Fundamentals

4. Redefine “Mistake”

5. Hear It Before You Play It

6. Listen Back

7. Play Slower to Improve Faster

8. Play the Long Game

9. Make Improvising a Game

10. Blank Slate Not Required

11. Avoid Isolation (Sometimes)

12. Be Brave

Whatever stage you have reached in learning to improvise, I hope that one or more of these tips helps you to push yourself further and become even better. Remember: keep pushing your comfort zone, and keep it fun!


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12 ways To Be A Better Improviser