The Two Things Most Music Education Is Missing [Musicality Unleashed]

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Most people think that learning an instrument will let them become a good musician – but that’s actually just one of three essential things you need to be doing.

If you step back and ask what really goes into becoming a good musician you’ll see that everything covered by the traditional instrument-learning system actually represents just ONE of THREE critical aspects.

The first is that instrument technique. It is important and valuable to get good at making an instrument do what you intend it to.

But what about understanding what you’re playing, or having the instinct to choose your own notes or way of playing?

The other two aspects are music theory – something that is quite often part of music education, but taught in a dry, abstract—and frankly boring—way, almost entirely separate from the instrument skills and what you’re actually passionate about in music.

The third aspect is your musical ear.

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The Two Things Most Music Education Is Missing [Musicality Unleashed]