3 Singing Exercises to Improve Your Vocal Pitching

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There are probably few things more painful to listen to than a singer who is out of tune. Today we’ll look at 3 simple exercises you can use to refine your vocal pitch control and practice singing in tune. https://www.musical-u.com/learn/3-singing-exercises-to-improve-your-vocal-pitching/

When people start out singing, a common problem is not knowing how to use their muscles to produce different notes. A good way to overcome this is to free up your voice rather than restricting it to certain notes (like with a piano where you press a key and the note just sounds).

Getting more precise

As you get comfortable moving through different parts of your range, you will probably find you open up your voice to singing more notes than before, expanding your range. Then it’s time to start focusing back within certain boundaries.

Singing scales

Finally, it’s time to get even more precise, using semitones and tones. The exercise is similar to before: we will sing through an octave in your range, but this time progress by steps, either semitones or tones. That means singing 13 semitones or 7 tones.

Your singing practice may move on to more advanced exercises, but remember to practice these fundamentals too. Singing a complex piece is no use if it sounds out of tune to the listener! It’s a great example of the musical principle that the details can be just as important as the overall sound!



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3 Singing Exercises to Improve Your Vocal Pitching