A Better Mental Model For Rhythm [Musicality Unleashed]

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If you’re like most musicians, you’ve wanted to play by ear but found it didn’t come naturally to you. But what you might not have realised is that of the two major aspects of music, pitch and rhythm, it’s actually only the pitch that you really struggle with. http://www.musicalityunleashed.com

If you’ve been playing music for a while then the chances are good that your ability to mimic back a rhythm are actually really solid.

So you have the rhythm instinct – but could you write that down in notation? Or if you saw the rhythm notation, would you know how to clap it or play it?

There’s clearly a piece missing – and that’s having the right mental model to interpret and understand what you’re instinctively able to do.

What if we could put in place a mental model that let us leverage that instinctive understanding of rhythm to actually know exactly in terms of notation and note durations, what’s being played?

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A Better Mental Model For Rhythm [Musicality Unleashed]