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Have you felt limited in music, or intimidated by creative tasks like playing by ear and improvisation? Have you wondered if the musicians who can do those things could always do them – or if they somehow learned? You might be surprised by the answer! In today’s episode we discover how a positive attitude and the right “toolkit” can equip you to find your own creative freedom in music. https://www.musical-u.com/learn/mindset-musicality-natalie-weber/

Today we’re joined by Natalie Weber, founder of the popular MusicMattersBlog.com, a site devoted to inspiring creativity in music education. Natalie has studied music since the age of 7 but it was only later on that she broke free of the sheet music and found the kind of creative freedom which she now shares with students of all ages and levels in her independent piano studio and with music teachers worldwide on Music Matters Blog.

Natalie writes regularly to share lessons from her own piano studio and also keeps right up to date with all the interesting developments from other websites and music educators. Topics on the site range from highly practical guides and suggestions for covering topics like rhythm or ear training in lessons, through to app reviews and conference reports to share the latest goings-on in the world of music education.

We interviewed Natalie for our site back in 2011 so it was high time we caught up again!

In this episode we talk about Natalie’s own journey from being a note-reading pianist to finally breaking free of the sheet music. How that took a combination of practical techniques and a big mindset shift about what it means to make music.

She shares two pivotal experiences that totally transformed how comfortable she felt making music out of nothing and now inspires the creative approach she takes in her own teaching and leadership of other music teachers around the world.

You’re going to hear how important it was that she had a positive attitude in her own music learning – really inspiring if you want to expand your own musicality.

Also: would you guess that Natalie’s new course on music theory and reading sheet music was actually created in partnership with two people who struggled with that the most…


Links and Resources:

Music Matters Blog: http://musicmattersblog.com/

2011 Interview with Natalie: https://www.musical-u.com/learn/music-life-music-matters-blog-interview/

Pattern Play books for piano by Akiko and Forrest Kinney: https://www.amazon.com/Pattern-Play-Inspiring-Creativity-Piano/dp/B005QD3O7C

For the Love of Music course: http://musicmattersblog.com/store/For-the-Love-of-Music-p43143366

What is Musicality? https://www.musical-u.com/learn/what-is-musicality/

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A Mindset for Musicality, with Natalie Weber: The Musicality Podcast