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Can you master the inner game of music making and accelerate your musical learning? Marc Gelfo joins us as we discuss ways to hack your musical progress. http://musl.ink/pod151

Recently we had an absolutely phenomenal masterclass with Marc Gelfo, the creator of the Modacity practice app, all about accelerating your music learning. Marc packed a ton into his masterclass, from highly practical, tactical ideas about how you practice, to some quite deep emotional and mindset guidance.

It’s no exagerration to say there were a couple of dozen really meaty ideas he shared, and everyone who attended found plenty to help accelerate their music learning. We’re excited to be adding the recording to our masterclass library inside Musical U for members.

Today we wanted to share just one small nugget with you, Marc’s idea of “hacking habituation”. As you’ll be hearing, this led on to some interesting discussion of the emotion of musical expression and mastering the inner game too…


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Marc’s podcast interview: Emotion and Efficiency, with Marc Gelfo – https://www.musical-u.com/learn/emotion-and-efficiency-with-marc-gelfo/

Modacity practice app – https://modacity.co/

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