Awareness, Innovation and Reflection, with Michael Compitello

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Bringing together various tools and mindset shifts can have a big impact on your music learning. Today on the show we have the pleasure of talking with Michael Compitello, a celebrated percussionist, composer and educator.

It was Michael’s innovative projects “New Morse Code” and “Unsnared Drum” which first caught our attention – but as we learned more about him we realised the biggest opportunity to help you guys with this conversation was actually to pick his brains on music learning and practicing music.

This episode is packed with ideas. Some you may have come across before, including in past episodes of this show. But I suspect some will be new to you and you’re going to love how Michael brings it all together into a really coherent picture of what these various tools and mindset shifts can do for your music learning.

For example, we talk about:

– The value of taking a “growth mindset” to music learning

– Tools that can help you handle negative self-talk when it arises

– How a habit of reflection can help you past sticking points, improve your practice efficiency and accelerate your progress

That’s just a taste – we also discuss learning online and being your own teacher, mindfulness and bringing awareness to your practice, setting and reaching goals, and we ask Michael about the concepts behind the percussion-cello duo “New Morse Code” and the ground-breaking solo snare drum project “Unsnared Drum”.

As always, please listen with the question of “How could this apply in my own musical life?” – and we guarantee you’re going to find some really high-impact ideas in here.

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Awareness, Innovation and Reflection, with Michael Compitello