Bass: Audiation (Resource Pack Preview)

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Audiation may be a strange and unfamiliar word, but it means something you probably do every day: hear music in your head.

Audiation and Singing: Resource Pack Preview

Learning to harness this skill and develop it can benefit you in a wide variety of ways on your instrument. Taken a step further, learning to sing what you hear or audiate creates a valuable bridge between your mind’s ear and what you play.

If there’s a bassist who’s truly free of the improvisation-by-numbers that traps many musicians it’s Steve Lawson, and in this month’s video tutorial he explains how singing can be the key to getting there yourself:

– Why sing every exercise you do on bass.
– Different ways to practice singing and audiation using scales, including a Dorian mode example.
– How this leads to you improvising in a whole new way.
– Example songs and basslines you can practice with.
– Using your voice to help you figure things out by ear.

Finding the right notes by ear becomes much easier when you use audiating and singing as stepping-stones and the more you practice with the exercises Steve teaches, the sooner you’ll be able to play the right notes first time, every time.

Audiation and Singing: Resource Pack Preview


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Bass: Audiation (Resource Pack Preview)