Bass: I, IV, V, vi Progressions Resource Pack Preview

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It’s nothing short of amazing what a working aural and practical knowledge of just four chords – the I, IV, V, and vi chords – can do in terms of you being able to play many thousands of songs by ear.

Steve Lawson, our Resident Pro for bass, helps you make that ear-to-instrument connection:


– Why these four chords are important – especially in pop music.

– What we can do to help us recognize the I, IV, V and vi.

– How to recognize the movement between the chords.

– How to come up with basslines that connect them in interesting ways.

– Six exercises to sensitize your ear to the harmonic shifts between pairs of chords, then all six chords.

– Scores for suggested basslines for all the exercises.

– Six MP3 tracks in various styles for practicing the given basslines and inventing your own.

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Bass: I, IV, V, vi Progressions Resource Pack Preview