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What would you say is the most fundamental musical element to learn on your instrument? Scales? Chords? Think again. Let’s start with the lowly interval – simply the space between any two given pitches.

Scales, melodies, chord progressions all happen when we move from one note to another.

Interval training is often considered the backbone of ear training – and for good reason. How can we comprehend the rich possibilities of melodies and harmonies without a strong perception of how one note relates to another?

Yet often traditional interval training can be difficult, dry, and, well… boring.

As Christopher Sutton described in About The Ear Training Trap, unless you relate your ear training to your actual musical life, it’s easy to loose enthusiasm. The solution is to relate your ear training and music theory to playing your instrument.

In this month’s Instrument Packs Musical U’s Resident Pros for guitar, piano, and bass introduce the concepts show how each one of these instruments has a unique relationship to intervals. But beyond basic fingering patterns, the creative minds of our Resident Pros reveal the musical magic that brings intervals to life.

In other words, the intervals are released from their theoretical cages and we experience just how beautiful, mysterious, and powerful they behave in the wild:

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Bass: Intervals Resource Pack Preview