Bass: The Play by Ear Process – Basslines Resource Pack Preview

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Basslines. Isn’t that what we do as bass players every day? Yet too often we have our bass blinders on and aren’t as connected with the chords and melody as we could be. Steve Lawson, our Resident Pro for bass, takes an innovative approach to learning basslines by ear. By learning to construct basslines with the tools of theory and our fretboard patterns, we can more easily hear them in the music we love, and more quickly put them under our own fingers:


– A “magic triangle” for you to connect your theory knowledge, instrumental skills, and the actual sounds of the music you create.

– How the bassline integrates with the harmonic structure of a song.

– Breaking down the most useful bassline patterns and archetypes.

– Mapping these patterns and archetypes on your fretboard.

– Beautiful MP3 tracks to exercise your new bassline understandings

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Bass: The Play by Ear Process – Basslines Resource Pack Preview