Bringing It All Together [Musicality Unleashed]

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We’ve been talking in this Musicality Unleashed series about some powerful insights and mindset shifts for tapping into your inner musician and transforming how free, confident and creative you feel in music.

We’ve talked particularly about mental models – and how it’s a foundation of the right mental models which can set you up for success and turn you into the “natural” musician who can learn new musical concepts and skills quickly and easily, and empower you to do impressive things instinctively, like play by ear, improvise, and create your own music.

We’ve talked about solfa and rhythm syllables as two specific examples of those empowering mental models and about song-based learning as a neat way to make it a fun and musical experience to develop your musical mind.

We also looked at creativity and how it’s something that can actually make your music learning easier and more enjoyable when you include it as soon as possible as the vehicle, not the destination.

So I’m hoping that you’re feeling a new enthusiasm and excitement about your music learning going forwards!

Take one or more of these ideas and apply it in your musical life and you’re going to see some impressive results.

So if you’re interested in an easy and affordable way to get access to this amazing approach then stay tuned for next time where I’ll be sharing all the details!

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Bringing It All Together [Musicality Unleashed]