Can’t Improvise? There’s just one thing holding you back

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Does the idea of improvising scare you? Have you given it a try but quickly decided you didn’t have what it takes?

If so, that’s understandable. In this episode, we’re going to talk about where that fear comes from, how you can overcome it, and how to make it easy to learn to improvise.

Once you’ve set aside that inner critic you’ll be able to begin exploring this new skillset – and gradually you’ll grow into the improviser’s mindset, where you truly know that there’s no such thing as a “wrong” note and you can freely create and express your own musical ideas in any situation with confidence.

Want a clear, step-by-step guide to getting started with improvising, which works for any instrument or genre, with no prior knowledge or special skills required? Get our 5-Day “Intro to Improv” Practice Plan for free, just click the link or visit the shownotes for this episode at

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Can’t Improvise? There’s just one thing holding you back