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Today on the show we’re joined by one of our favourite people in the world of online music education, and maybe just one of our favourite people in general, and that’s Tim Topham, who heads up, the home of creative piano teaching online.

Tim’s really a thought-leader among piano teachers when it comes to making piano lessons fun and creative, getting off book and away from the dry rote learning and note reading, and into a world where the student is actually empowered to feel confident and creative on the keyboard.

We’ve long been fans of Tim’s work, and we’ve actually interviewed him a couple of times for our website in the past – so we decided it was long overdue to have him on the podcast and he kindly agreed.

Hearing him talk, it’s probably not surprising he’s as well known and well respected as he is in the world of piano teaching – but what maybe is surprising is the route he took to get there…

In this conversation you’ll hear about:

– Why it may have been a good thing that Tim took a ten year hiatus from focusing on piano, and the impact that had on how he teaches

– The value of getting “off the page” – and the part of this which is often glossed over but actually essential

– The relationship between creative exercises in composing and improvisation on your instrument and “ear training” exercises for developing your musical ear

This episode will obviously be of particular interest to any piano teachers, or indeed piano students out there, but as always the topics and ideas we discuss can be useful to any music learner wanting to develop their musicality. And Tim shares some really cool ideas and specific suggestions, so we know you’ll get a lot out of this one.

Listen to the episode:

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Circles of Creativity, with Tim Topham