Creativity is the Vehicle, Not the Destination [Musicality Unleashed]

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Creativity in music isn’t something reserved for a gifted few, and it’s not some advanced skill you need to study for years before you can do.

Creative activities like improvising and composing can be part of your music learning from day one or added in at any time.

If you’re like most music learners, you see creative skills like composing, songwriting and improvisation as advanced skills. Things you’ll be able to do one day once you get “good at music”.

Or you might even have ruled them out completely, thinking you’re just not a “creative person”.

And I understand why you’d think that way. When you see people be creative in music it’s impressive, and it often does go hand-in-hand with instrument proficiency and advanced skill levels.

But why do we pick up an instrument and start learning music in the first place?

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Creativity is the Vehicle, Not the Destination [Musicality Unleashed]