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Today we’re joined by Anne Mileski of and The Anacrusic Podcast. Anne is trained in several of the musicianship approaches we’ve covered here on the show before, including Kodály, Orff, Dalcroze and Music Learning Theory, and her mission is to make music teaching as purposeful, sequential, and joyful as possible for music teachers everywhere. Anne really stands out as someone who draws on each of those approaches to musicianship training to develop her own very well thought-out material. And she shares this with other music teachers through in-person workshops as well as her popular website and podcast.

We really enjoyed getting the chance to talk to Anne about her experience and observations of the various approaches to musicianship training, and we’ll throw in our normal disclaimer that although some of the specifics we’ll be talking about are geared towards music teachers and early childhood music education, if you are an adult and/or a student yourself, keep listening! There are plenty of insights and valuable nuggets for you in here.

We talk about:

– Anne’s own musical upbringing and a few key experiences, both positive and negative, that influenced her own musicality and how she approaches her teaching

– The relative strengths of Kodály, Orff, Dalcroze, and Music Learning Theory

– The importance of sequencing in teaching and learning – and the two timescales you need to be thinking about for designing effective music learning sequences.

Anne is a great story-teller and we know her stories will resonate with you, as well as her insights on singing, sequencing, improvising and more.

Listen to the episode:

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Designing for Joyful Learning, with Anne Mileski