Discover Your Own Musical Creativity, with Forrest Kinney

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Today we’re getting to speak with someone we’ve been hearing about for years, Forrest Kinney. He’s the author of the Pattern Play series of piano books which you might remember past guests Natalie Weber and Sara Campbell both mentioned as being fantastic for helping students get “off the page” and start to be more creative in their music-making.

He’s actually the author of 35 music learning books. He’s also a highly in-demand speaker, giving presentations on all the interesting things we’ll be talking about today, and still regularly performs, including dozens of private appearances at a certain billionaire’s house – stay tuned to hear about that.

In this conversation we talk about:

– Forrest’s own musical beginnings and whether such a creative musician as himself credits talent for that creative success

– The 4 Arts of Music that you can pick from and blend to find your own true identity as a musician

– A creative way to approach music theory – and his opinion on scales that often gets him in trouble!

If you’ve ever felt like learning to play sheet music note by note just wasn’t the right fit for you as a musician, or you’ve felt the urge to create even though you don’t consider yourself “a creative”, you’re going to love this episode.

We should mention there were a couple of bits here where our connection got a bit patchy and you might hear a few short cut-outs – stick with it, they were very short sections and we don’t think they’ll affect how much you’ll get out of listening to this.

Listen to the episode:

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Discover Your Own Musical Creativity, with Forrest Kinney