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Have you ever stopped to ask yourself where chords come from?

Though you may think of scales and chords as two separate entities, they are very closely intertwined! In fact, chords are very easy to construct if you already have a scale in mind. In this episode of The Musicality Podcast, we discuss how to go from scales to chords with one simple trick, and the practical applications of this skill in playing by ear, songwriting, and improvisation.

In our recent interview with Scott Sharp of he explained that understanding how chords are constructed and in particular their relationship to the scale of the key was what let him finally break into improvising and playing by ear – and has been the basis of his popular “Fretboard Toolbox” books for guitar, piano and other instruments.

So today I wanted to talk about the connection between chords and scales. How you can start from a scale and “find” the various chords hidden in there. And, most importantly, why you might want to do this – aside from just intellectual curiosity about music theory!

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Finding Chords in Scales: The Musicality Podcast