Finding, Recovering and Maintaining Motivation, with David Brown

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Today we’re talking with composer David Asher Brown, who is also the man behind, a website that can help anybody to start learning piano online.

David’s work as a composer is wonderful and varied, and well worth a listen – but as you’ll be hearing, that’s just one clue as to the fascinating variety of projects and interests David has explored during his musical career so far.

We’ll give our usual disclaimer that although David’s the man behind Piano Cub, this conversation runs much broader than piano, and certainly has something to interest any type of musician.

In this conversation we talk about:

– The two big experiences that truly tested David’s commitment to a life in music, and what helped him through.

– How long it took him as a piano player to learn to play church organ when he was called in last minute for a gig in France.

– How David’s website Piano Cub tackles possibly the biggest challenge in online learning, keeping the student motivated and engaged.

This conversation is packed with wisdom and insights from an experienced composer and innovative music educator, so there’s sure to be something that will add value to your own musical life.

Listen to the episode:

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Finding, Recovering and Maintaining Motivation, with David Brown