Finding the Notes Yourself, with Sara Campbell. The Musicality Podcast

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See the piano in a whole new way and learn the value of improvisation with our special guest Sara Campbell from Sara’s Music Studio!

Today’s show features Sara Campbell, an accomplished piano and singing teacher based in Pennsylvania.

We met Sara when we were gearing up to launch our Instrument Packs at Musical U. We were searching for someone who excelled in bringing joy and creativity to the process of learning piano and really understood how to develop musicality, not just instrument technique.

She accepted the position and has been doing a terrific job inside Musical U for several months now. But as you’ll discover in this episode, that’s just one example of a variety of cool and interesting projects she’s involved with.

In this episode, we dive deep into how to get started with playing by ear and improvisation. Sara shares insights and specific tips that can be applied on any instrument, not just piano.

She recommends one particular activity you can try today to get started improvising – and the essential warning you’ll need to hear if you want it to go well!

And she reveals a powerful way to flip your understanding of the piano keyboard and see it in a whole new way – something that’ll be useful for anyone who occasionally dabbles on keyboard, not just the devoted piano players among you.


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Finding the Notes Yourself, with Sara Campbell. The Musicality Podcast