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We’re going to give you a simple yet very effective exercise to get you started and lay down the foundation for learning to pitch and sing in tune.

Today we’re going to talk about finding “your note”. This is an exercise which George Bevan from the Music@Monkton blog developed, to help people who think they can’t sing to take their first steps to becoming a capable and confident singer. We talked about it in our recent interview here on the podcast.

If you’ve ever worried that you can’t sing at all, or you have a friend who’s convinced they’re tone deaf, the exercise I’m going to explain will be really useful for you.

I first spoke to George a few years back when we were developing SingTrue, our interactive app to help you learn to sing. I was so impressed by his approach we implemented his idea of “Finding Your Note” as one of the first exercises inside the app – and since then almost half a million people have used it to find their note and take their first step to singing.

It is a simple exercise – but it’s powerful.

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Finding Your Note on The Musicality Podcast!