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Today we’re joined by David Row of the Make Moments Matter website and podcast. David is an elementary music teacher in the US who specialises in the Orff method of music teaching.

Orff is something we’ve mentioned a couple of times on the show before because it’s one of a few approaches that really puts musicality at the heart of music learning. And although these days it’s mostly used for early music education and David’s experience is predominantly with young children, we think you’ll find there’s plenty of interesting ideas here for the adult music learner too.

In this conversation we talk about:

– David’s two quite different experiences of learning music growing up, singing harmony in church and taking piano lessons, and what he learned from each

– Why David chose to study the Orff approach to music education even though he had already qualified and started working as a school music teacher

– The specific benefits of the Orff approach for children and for adults.
We found this one really enlightening – so whether you’ve wondered about Orff or never heard of it before we hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Listen to the episode:

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Folk, Frameworks, and Fun, with David Row