Follow Your Ear, with Dave Isaacs

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Today we’re joined by Dave Isaacs, a man known as the “Guitar Guru of Nashville”. Dave has been teaching music for over thirty years and provides online courses at Dave is also a performing artist, releasing ten CDs of his own and continuing to perform with an Americana trio called Renfree Isaacs.

Dave wrote a terrific guest post on song writing and arranging for the Musical U website last year and we were keen to pick his brains on songwriting advice – but in this conversation we also go deep into his own journey as a musician, the interplay of theory, instrument skills and your musical ear, and how he discovered the improviser’s mindset.

Dave shares:

– The trick to breaking into improv if it’s always seemed intimidating, and how he discovered this almost by accident.

– His two big tips for songwriters looking to improve.

– What causes many musicians to stall or plateau after learning for a few years, and how you can best tackle that and get moving again.

Dave has had a particularly interesting journey as a musician and it’s left him with true wisdom when it comes to the right mindset for teaching and learning music. We hope you’ll find this conversation as enlightening and inspiring as we did.

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Follow Your Ear, with Dave Isaacs