Getting Heard and Getting Paid, Your Way, with Bree Noble

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Today we’re joined by Bree Noble, who as well as being an award-winning singer-songwriter is the founder of the Female Musician Academy and host of two popular podcasts, Women of Substance Radio and the Female Entrepreneur Musician podcast, both of which we listen to ourselves.

One of the parts of musicality that we haven’t covered so much on the podcast so far is the topic of performing, and finding ways to share the music you love, perhaps even music you’ve written yourself, with an audience. If you’ve been listening to the show for a while then you know we’re not about to tell you that there is one single correct path to follow and that all serious musicians should do it a certain way when it comes to performing or publishing music. But we do think that whatever way, shape or form it may take for you, music is fundamentally about the human connection, and finding a way to share your music-making is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your musical life.

Bree is a total expert on a couple of topics that may be of interest to you, if you’ve had the urge to perform as a musician, or to share music you’ve created yourself – but you haven’t known where to start, you’ve worried it’s too late for you, or you’ve wondered if it might even be possible to make some money with your music.

In this conversation we talk about:

– Bree’s own journey of struggling to figure out how to make a living with her music

– The barriers and concerns that hold musicians back from getting their music out there and getting paid

– And the sheer variety of options available today for getting your music heard, building up your presence as an artist and making some money with the music you love.

We also ask Bree something you might have wondered yourself on hearing the names of her projects a moment ago, which is why she is particularly passionate about helping female musicians specifically, and the advantages that come from focusing specifically on women in music.

This is a conversation which is sure to open some new doors in your mind and spark new inspiration about what your own musical life could look like, so please enjoy.

Listen to the episode:

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Getting Heard and Getting Paid, Your Way, with Bree Noble