Getting Into The Music And Into Flow, With Diane Allen

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Today we’re joined by Diane Allen, a former concertmaster violinist with the Central Oregon Symphony for 15 years. Diane speaks on the topic of flow and finding your own personal “flow strategy” to reach your full potential, in music and anywhere else in your life.

In the past, “peak performance” and “performance psychology” were the exclusive realm of top-level professional performers. Now these ideas are becoming more accessible and applicable to everyday learners and musicians. Diane brings a unique perspective to to the world of performance.

In this conversation we talk about:

– How Diane rose to great success in the classical world, then put aside her violin completely – and returned to it later in an innovative way.

– The specific practical steps you can take to find your own connection with a piece of music.

– The three components of getting into the “flow” state – only one of which is normally covered when you hear about flow.

You’ll be excited to apply Diane’s fresh ideas to your own practice and performance. Dive in to this episode and learn how to be at your best!

Watch the episode:

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Getting Into The Music And Into Flow, With Diane Allen