Guitar: Audiation (Resource Pack Preview)

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Audiation may be a strange and unfamiliar word, but it means something you probably do every day: hear music in your head.

Audiation and Singing: Resource Pack Preview

From Musical U Guitar Resident Pro Dylan Welsh

Learning to harness this skill and develop it can benefit you in a wide variety of ways on your instrument. Taken a step further, learning to sing what you hear or audiate creates a valuable bridge between your mind’s ear and what you play.

Building on his teaching in the Beginning Improvisation and Major Pentatonic Resource Packs, Resident Pro for guitar Dylan Welsh explains the usefulness of audiation and singing for a range of tasks you’re already doing in your guitar playing:


– Why singing and audiation are important for guitarists, even if you don’t feel confident in your voice.
– How to use audiation and singing to learn new melodies by ear.
– How to use the same technique for playing chords by ear.
– How audiation can help you memorise new songs faster.
– Using audiation and singing to improvise in a way that breaks free of fretboard patterns.
– Practice MP3s for playing melodies and chords by ear, and improvising.

As Dylan puts it: this is a powerful tool for pretty much anything you’re doing on guitar, so if you want better results faster, it’s time to audiate and use your voice.

Audiation and Singing: Resource Pack Preview


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Guitar: Audiation (Resource Pack Preview)