Have you ever heard a “natural” singer and thought you co…

Have you ever heard a “natural” singer and thought you could never achieve that level of vocal confidence and freedom?

In this interview with Meghan Nixon, from HowToSingSmarter.com, you’re going to discover that singing smarter is perhaps the most important thing you can do to improve your experience and results as a singer.

Meghan shares with us:
✔The framework she puts in place with all her students that helps them approach new songs, sing the right notes, and even sight-sing music they’ve never seen before.
✔The truth about “tone deafness” and how she helps first-time singers to quickly get the hang of singing in tune, and
✔How she went from being too scared to even try improvising as a singer, to knowing clearly and confidently how to assemble the right notes at the right time.

Enjoy this episode and learn how to feel just as confident and capable as those “natural singers”.