Hey! Where Are You Going?

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We talk about your musical path and trajectory, encouraging you to think about your Big Picture Vision and how to get yourself there. Download your picture vision here! http://musl.ink/pod153

I want to take you through a simple but powerful exercise.

It takes just a few minutes – but it can bring you greater clarity, confidence and success in your musical life.

Now I could tell you that this exercise will transform your musical life …. but I’m not going to do that – because in just a few minutes I think you will see it for yourself.

What we’re going to do is to set your “Big Picture Vision”.

And before we go any further I want to speak to those of you who heard the word “vision” and started to tune out. I get it. I’m a scientist by background, highly analytical, very pragmatic – and it was only through a gradual process over the years and putting these things to the test myself that I realised that something as seemingly airy-fairy as “setting a vision” could have highly practical outcomes.

As Dr. Stephen Covey once famously put it: You need to begin with the end in mind.

So this exercise is all about getting clear, getting detailed, and getting excited about exactly where it is you want to go in music.

Download the worksheet → http://musl.ink/pod153

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Hey! Where Are You Going?