How To Be The Beatles, with Hard Day’s Night

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What’s it like to recreate the music of The Beatles each and every night?

Today we have the distinct pleasure of talking with not one but four Beatles experts! Mike Muratore, Frank Muratore, John Auker and Patrick Gannon, the members of Hard Day’s Night.

Hard Day’s Night is rated among the top national Beatles tribute groups performing today, a full catalogue touring Beatles Tribute act focusing on performing songs exactly as the Beatles themselves did. The band has performed on national television, at America’s top Beatles festival, and at the Beatles’ own Cavern Club in Liverpool, England.

We were eager to find out what goes into being one of the top Beatles tribute acts in the world and how the four members of the group think about the musicality of the Beatles.

We talk about:

– What exactly the band would do to learn a new Beatles song note-perfect

– How performing as the Beatles compares to playing in a non-tribute band

– And we ask, as four people who’ve studied and played the songs of the Beatles more carefully than almost anyone – why do they think the Beatles have had such a lasting impact over time?

It was really cool to hear about how each member of the group came to love the Beatles and perform in Hard Day’s Night, and how thoughtfully and carefully they approach their work in performing as the Fab Four. There’s a lot to be learned here about musicianship that goes way beyond tribute bands or Beatles specifics – so please enjoy!

This is The Musicality Podcast, and you’re tuned in to Beatles Month at Musical U.

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How To Be The Beatles, with Hard Day’s Night