How to Earn Your Inspiration, with Mark Cawley

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We’re joined on the show by Mark Cawley, a hit U.S. songwriter whose songs have been hits for artists like Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Diana Ross and even The Spice Girls.

With over 16 million records to his name, Mark now provides online coaching to songwriters at all stages through his website, and has recently released a book, Song Journey, which is a treasure trove of advice and techniques for writing and selling songs, with a liberal sprinkling of personal anecdotes and Mark’s own career lessons along the way.

If you’ve been listening to or watching this show for a while then you’ll know we are big believers that valuable learning often comes in indirect ways – and whenever we have a guest who plays a certain instrument or specialises in a particular kind of musicality, we like to encourage you to stay tuned even if it doesn’t seem on face value to apply to you.

This conversation was equal parts entertaining and enlightening and so we know you’re going to enjoy it, and learn some valuable new ideas for your own musical life.

We talk about:

– How playing alongside Fleetwood Mac brought Mark clarity on what kind of career in music he wanted.

– The four-stage framework which lets you quiet your inner editor and avoid writer’s block.

– And how writing a song for Tina Turner did not result in her recording it – and what he did later on that did actually lead to a Tina Turner hit…

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Watch the episode:

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How to Earn Your Inspiration, with Mark Cawley