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Back in 2009 there really wasn’t much information online about ear training and developing your musicality. But one site which stood out then, and which continues to be among the top sites online for playing by ear was

On today’s interview we’re talking with Jermaine Griggs, who started Hear And Play back in 2000 and has had phenomenal success helping musicians around the world to learn to play music by ear. His success has led to him being a highly-sought after teacher and mentor in the entrepreneurial world, as well as a beloved teacher in the world of Gospel music – and even led to him being invited to the White House to meet President Obama.

Jermaine is a passionate educator with incredible insights into how learning to play by ear can be made simple and methodical – for anyone.

This conversation covers his own musical development and how he came to codify his methodology and launch
He shares what makes Gospel music unique, while also allowing it to be an amazing way to learn skills for all genres.

And there’s an inspiring example of one Hear And Play student who found great success despite a seemingly-huge personal limitation.
Jermaine also shares some nifty tips and tricks which you can apply right now to help you start playing by ear – as well as a bit of software that can make it dramatically easier.

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How to Hear And Play, with Jermaine Griggs – The Musicality Podcast