How to Learn Like a Genius, with Gregg Goodhart

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Today’s guest, Gregg Goodhart, takes all the latest research and understanding of how the human brain learns most effectively, and then puts it to practical use, in music lessons and classrooms. Through his innovative Practiclass project he’s able to prove by on-the-spot demonstration with real students, just how effective these techniques can be for breaking past longstanding plateaus and reaching new heights of instrumental ability.

Gregg’s YouTube channel and project is called Learn Like A Genius, and with good reason. When you see the virtuoso instrumentalist, the person who seems like a musical genius, and wonder how they got so good, the chances are that they either consciously or unconsciously have been using some of the learning techniques that Gregg shares today.

We talk about:

– The two disastrous ways that the idea of “talent” sabotages music learners and can hold you back from reaching your true potential.

– Gregg’s simple three-word summary of the powerful idea of “deliberate practice”, and how it can be the key to fast progress.

– The counter-intuitive but foolproof way to break past plateaus where you just can’t seem to play a certain passage correctly at full speed.

You’re going to come away from this episode seriously inspired about what could be possible from your music practice in the future – and to make sure you’re able to really follow through on that, we’ve got a couple of fantastic ways for you to dive into using these ideas in a practical way.

Watch the episode:

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How to Learn Like a Genius, with Gregg Goodhart