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Have you wished you could improvise, but found the whole thing intimidating, overwhelming, or just a complete mystery? There’s one thing I can tell you, in just a few minutes, that will let you begin improvising today and set you up for continued success.

At Musical U we’re big believers in a truly free approach to improvising. One which says your goal is to be able to imagine any musical idea in your mind, either before or while you play it, and bring that same idea out through your instrument.

This is an approach that works for any genre and any musical situation. Whether you’re taking a solo over the middle eight of a jazz standard or you’re playing lead at the local blues jam, or you are playing alone and composing an entire original piece on-the-fly. If you can play whatever you hear in your head, you are truly free.

Easier said than done, right?! That is our end goal, but of course most musicians don’t have the ear skills or audiation ability to do that on day one of learning to improvise.

So at Musical U we’ve developed a framework which does get you going on day one, with zero prior knowledge and certainly no so-called “talent” required. But it’s a framework that does allow you to move gradually to that ultimate goal of fully free improvisation.

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How To Start Improvising Today