Introduction to Blues Music

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There’s no other musical genre quite like the blues. Steeped in lyrical emotion and sultry melodies, it’s easy to understand why blues music has had such a deep and lasting impact on the music of the United States, the UK, and beyond.

Its name notwithstanding, blues music can invoke a range of emotions: joy, anguish, triumph, or plain old sadness. As Nina Simone demonstrated, the blues can feel really, really good.

Blues music instrumentation is as varied as its lyrical content, its influence is more widespread than you would believe, and best of all, the genre lives on in contemporary music styles that top the charts today!

So, let’s dive in. By the end of this article, you’ll know what blues music is, how and when blues music developed, why the blues are still important in modern music, and how to play and write blues tunes of your own.

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Introduction to Blues Music