Is Ear Training Impossible?

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GRAPH! Ear Training is so frustrating!

Is ear training impossible?

Don’t worry if you’ve struggled with intervals. You’re certainly not alone, and it will be possible for you to learn. Here are some recommended changes to your musical training and you’ll soon be making clear progress towards that goal!

Last week, Musical U received a question from someone who’d been using our ear training exercises and felt frustrated that they weren’t making faster progress. In fact, they’d reached the point of despair, wondering if it was actually even possible for them to learn intervals.

They said: “I’m starting to suspect that I have a brain that simply cannot comprehend the distance between notes, no matter how hard or for how long I try. Have you ever encountered anybody with “music dyslexia?” Is there such a thing?”

Maybe you can relate to this. There are probably areas of your own musical training where you’ve wondered “do I have what it takes to learn this?”

It’s a question I’ve heard a lot over the years, in different forms.
– “Is ear training even possible for me?”
– “Are my ears broken?”
– “Maybe I’m just not musical”

I certainly know that feeling. When I was learning music at school I would ask myself this kind of question often. The self-doubt returned later on when I began doing ear training.

Since then I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to help thousands of email subscribers and hundreds of members inside Musical U with their ear training, so I can tell you with confidence: you are not alone in wondering this!

I can also tell you: Yes, you can do it.

Now I know you’re probably thinking “How do you know? My situation is different. Maybe I actually am musically handicapped.”

Let’s specifically discuss the question of interval ear training – but most of what we’ll be talking about applies more broadly to all areas of musicality training.

Is ear training impossible?


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Is Ear Training Impossible?