Is it time to “break up” with music?

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We all hit sticking points in our musical lives. It might be a painful performance gone wrong, it might be a frustrating technical skill we’re struggling to get right, it might be a confusing quagmire of music theory, or the feeling that our brain or ears just aren’t made for music the way other people’s seem to be.

It can start to feel like you’re in a bad relationship where nothing ever goes right – and you might well find yourself wondering if you should “break up” with music.

And in fact many of our members at Musical U are returning to music later in life having actually hit that breaking point when they were younger. Built-up frustrations combined with life getting busy can mean music takes a backseat or gets dropped completely.

That’s a tragedy – because music is incredible and when things are going right I think there’s almost nothing better than the joy we can experience through music-making.

I’ve been through this myself – more than once! – so I wanted to record this to share what I’ve learned along the way for myself and with our members, in the hopes that it helps you avoid that breaking point or if you’ve broken up with music in the past I hope it’ll help make sure the next time is more like a marriage than a fling.

I’m going to share the mindset and the way of thinking things through that can help you when you feel like you’re hitting that sticking point – and can actually be used proactively too, to prevent you ever getting close to the point of giving up in future.

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Is it time to “break up” with music?