“It sometimes feels like the voice is your soul, which is like, I am not spiritual, but that’s what kind of coming out of what I see when people start to make any sound and it touches all the emotions. And you just show who you are as a person. And not everyone is willing to see that. So sometimes it’s just like, not like the people around, but it’s just the person herself or himself, they are not willing to face themselves. So just take time and go slow. And also one last thing, because I teach and I always learn something: These days I’m noticing when people start to feel safe, it’s incredible how everything opens up. The voice also, but life too. When people start to feel safe, they start to trust themselves. They start to go for the stuff they wanted to. So it’s a lot about safety, too. So if you don’t feel ready, then just take it slow.” β€” Michaela Bartoskova Voice, Singing and Yoga Coach Watch the full episode at https://musicalitynow.com/277

from Musical U