Learning to Love Leadsheets, with Ruth Power (Piano Picnic)

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We are joined by Ruth Power of Piano Picnic, home of high quality online training courses for pianists. However, this is not our usual kind of interview episode. We’ve invited Ruth to talk about something very specific: lead sheets. http://musl.ink/pod219

Ruth brings a fun energy and creativity to the teaching process, and her material is always really cool and interesting. When we heard she was releasing a new course called Lovin’ Leadsheets we knew had to bring her back on the show!

If you’ve never used lead sheets – or you’re already a lead sheet ninja – you’re going to love the nifty ideas and insights Ruth shares about her new course.

Watch the episode: http://musl.ink/pod219

Links and Resources

Lovin’ Leadsheets – https://www.pianopicnic.com/lovin-leadsheets

Piano Picnic – https://www.pianopicnic.com/

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About Playing From a Lead Sheet – https://www.musical-u.com/learn/about-playing-lead-sheet/

Musicality means… Playing from a Lead Sheet – https://www.musical-u.com/learn/musicality-means-playing-from-a-lead-sheet/

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Learning to Love Leadsheets, with Ruth Power (Piano Picnic)