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Today on the show we’re joined by Donna Schwartz, one of the best-known saxophone teachers online.

As you’ll be hearing though, Donna’s expertise goes deep on sax but also wide on other instruments and musicality in general. Along with past podcast guest Nick Mainella, Donna hosts the “Everything Saxophone” podcast, and she is the creator of several interesting online courses, including “Get a Killer Saxophone Tone”, “Practice Smarter” and “Jazz Improvisation Explained”.

In this conversation we talk about:

– how it was learning a second instrument that helped Donna overcome crippling performance anxiety on her primary instrument

– the revolutionary approach to teaching and learning music which really shouldn’t be all that revolutionary and

– the surprising key to producing a good tone that really projects

This was one of those conversations where we had to keep holding ourselves back because we could have happily dived into any of several areas Donna touched on and spent hours just talking about that! So we know you’ll enjoy this and go away keen to explore Donna’s website, courses and podcast for more of her insights and expertise.

Listen to the episode:

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Listen First, with Donna Schwartz