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As musicians we know the power of ear training to gain the instinctive feel for notes, chords and rhythms in music that can enable us to play by ear, write music, transcribe, improvise and more. But ear training can be a slow, hard process, right? What if it didn’t have to be… What if it could be a game?

In 2010 a new website appeared promising a range of ear training games… That website was Theta Music Trainer and over the last several years it’s gone from strength to strength. It now boasts a range of 50 ear training games covering a wide range of core topics including chords, rhythm, relative pitch, audio EQ, and more. The games are now available on iOS and Android as well as in your desktop web browser – and they’ve helped over 50,000 musicians worldwide.

Theta Music Trainer is something we’ve continually recommended since it launched, including to members of Musical U who find it’s a great addition to the training we provide.

Back in 2010 we interviewed Theta Music founder Steve Myers about the site and on the show today we catch up with Steve and learn more about Theta Music Trainer and how their ear training games have been helping musicians develop their core musicality.

In this episode you’ll learn about Steve’s own ear training journey and what made him see the potential for ear training games online.

He shares the surprising thing they learned about who it is that uses Theta Music Trainer the most – and how that’s actually different in their home country of Japan.

And Steve gives his top tips for getting started with ear training yourself.

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Making Ear Training a Game with Steve Myers: The Musicality Podcast