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HookTheory is one of a handful of websites that we are constantly recommending to people who are learning music and looking for easier ways to understand music theory. We’ve been continually impressed with their approach and the quality of the teaching they provide, and it was a real delight to immerse ourselves in the two HookTheory books last year.

Today we’re talking with Dave Carlton and Chris Anderson, two of the three creators of HookTheory – one of our favourite music-learning websites and one that can transform the way you understand melodies and harmony in the music you love. Ryan Miyakawa, the third team member, couldn’t be with us today but we’re hoping to have him on the show for a followup episode in future.

HookTheory is a new way of visualising notes and chords in music, as well as a very different and far more effective and interesting way of teaching core music theory concepts in songwriting.

In this conversation we talk about:

– The quite different musical backgrounds that the three HookTheory creators have and what they found a shared passion for that led to creating HookTheory together

– What makes HookTheory different and why that might matter to you

– Whether or not interactive tools like HookPad which make it easy to write music with computer assistance are removing the need for learning music theory yourself

If you’ve never been to, we know this conversation will inspire you to go dive in, and if you’ve seen HookTheory in action, you’ll enjoy this peek behind the scenes of where such a cool project came from and what’s in store for the future.

Listen to the episode:

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Multi-coloured Music, with the Hooktheory team