“Musicality: There’s a feeling of connection when we’re really feeling the music from the inside out. And when we’re in our flow state and where we’re playing the music, we feel like we’re at one with the music. Now, the trick is that this is not something that happens all the time or it’s not a place where we’re kind of lost in the music, necessarily. We might be very present. We might be thinking a lot, making decisions about what we’re going to do based on what we just did or thinking about the music that’s around us. So it can be a very, very not “out there” state, but a very present state, very present in the moment. But I want to include that, that moment, that thing that we all long for when we see our musical heroes and we can tell that they are just totally into it and totally connected, when we have this longing, this deep desire for this connection of being musical from the inside out. But I believe that musicality is also everything that we do that brings us to this place and everything that we do when we respond to this place. So musicality isn’t just that peak experience. Musicality is this commitment to really identifying as a musician and as someone who expresses themselves musically.” — Andrew Bishko Head Educator at Musical U Watch the full episode: https://musicalitynow.com/251

from Musical U