Off the page and back again, with Chris Owenby

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Today we’re speaking with Chris Owenby, the man behind the website “Practice Habits” where he shares blogposts and videos to help musicians and especially piano teachers with their students to form more effective and enjoyable practice routines.

As well as running Practice Habits and its corresponding members website for piano teachers, Chris is also an award-winning composer, and the creator of The Online Piano Course, which as you’ll be hearing in this episode is an interestingly different approach to learning piano, both in what is covered and the way it is taught online.

In this conversation we talk about:

– The unusual musical journey that led to him being equally comfortable in the worlds of sheet music and playing by ear

– How to find patterns in the music you play, and why that’s useful

– The clever way Chris has managed to reconcile the importance of adapting teaching to fit each student with providing an online course for learning piano

We expected to focus mostly on practice tips and tricks in this interview but it turned out to be so rich in interesting ideas and advice about playing by ear, improvising, and finding your own way through music learning that we think we’ll have to invite Chris back for a part two in future!

Listen to the episode:

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Off the page and back again, with Chris Owenby