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What is really going on in the day-to-day musical lives of passionate music learners who are still very much on the Pathways to reaching their musical goals?

Well, today we have the first in a new series of episodes in which we’ll be talking with folks just like you, reaching out, inspiring each other, and lending each other a hand in our musical journeys.

Every day inside Musical U we see the power of peer-to-peer learning, and how much we can all gain from being among the right community of music-learners. And so we’re going to be inviting the Musicality Now audience as well as our members at Musical U to come on and share their own music-learning journeys, and the resources, insights, and breakthroughs that have helped them along the way so far.
If you’ve had a musicality breakthrough – small or large – please get in touch by sending an email to – we want to hear your story!

Today we’re joined by Nick Cheetham, a podcast listener who reached out to us after our recent “Intimidating – or Inspiring? You Choose” episode to share some of his thoughts on the topic, and he had such interesting things to say we decided to invite him on the show to share his journey so far.

In this conversation you’re going to hear about:

– What caused Nick to pick up the violin for the first time at age 40 despite worrying he might be “tone deaf”

– How Nick’s been able to achieve several significant goals over the last 18 months and how that relates to the choice of “intimidating vs. inspiring”

– And how after 10 years of learning Nick made some adjustments and was quickly able to get off the page and into playing by ear, improvising, and playing in groups.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new kind of episode – let us know what you think, and maybe we can share your story next!

Watch the episode:

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Pathways: Nick Cheetham