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We are excited to bring you another inspiring edition of Pathways. In this special series of episodes you’ll hear the stories of music-learners just like you, reaching out and lending each other a hand on our musical journeys. We’re speaking with Oli Fuhrmann, a swing dancer and swing dance teacher from Berlin, Germany.

Oli started learning piano and trombone in the last three years to play the music he loves to dance to. He’s eager to try new things and happy to risk failure. You’ll hear how his attitude has really payed off for his music learning and the richness of his musical life.

In this conversation Oli shares:

– Why it was easy for him to start joining jam sessions despite being only a beginner-to-intermediate player – and a few specific tips for how you can make it easy for yourself.

– How learning trombone was relatively simple after piano, and why he realised the importance of a good musical ear.

– How he discovered the power of community support as part of his online learning.

Enjoy this episode and be inspired to be more bold and risk new endeavours in your own musical journey.

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Pathways: Oli Fuhrmann