Pathways: Sharilynn Horhota

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Today we are excited bring you the second episode the in our new Pathways series! We will be talking with folks just like you, reaching out, inspiring each other, and lending each other a hand in our musical journeys.

We are joined by Musical U member Sharilynn Horhota. Before her engineering career and three children, Sharilynn was headed towards becoming a professional flute player. Now she has returned to the flute in a surprising way.

Sharilynn has been sharing her journey inside Musical U so we had some sense of her interesting backstory and all the cool activities she’s been up to — but as you’ll be hearing, Musical U is just one part of all the resources she’s been drawing on and all the ways she’s been stretching herself since returning to flute.

In this conversation we talk about:

– How studying Alexander Technique in Finland let her feel much freer in her playing and opened up her sound

– The specific resources and exercises that have helped Sharilynn start to improvise, and in a way that feels like she is truly expressing herself, rather than just improv-by-numbers following chord tones.

– And the two clever variants on traditional exercises, scales and long notes, which she now gives her flute students to help them improve faster and enjoy practicing more.

You will surely find a lot to relate to in her story – and pick up some handy ideas and pointers that you can apply in your own musical journey.

Watch the episode:

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Pathways: Sharilynn Horhota