Piano: Audiation (Resource Pack Preview)

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Audiation may be a strange and unfamiliar word, but it means something you probably do every day: hear music in your head.

Audiation and Singing: Resource Pack Preview

Learning to harness this skill and develop it can benefit you in a wide variety of ways on your instrument. Taken a step further, learning to sing what you hear or audiate creates a valuable bridge between your mind’s ear and what you play.

As Resident Pro for piano Sara Campbell points out in her video, pianists sometimes struggle because their fingers are so far from their ears! Bridging the gap through audiation and singing can help you gain the “instinct” for which notes your fingers should be playing.

– Audiation: What is it? How can you do it? And most importantly, how can audiation be useful for pianists?
– Audiation and singing exercises that you can use to sharpen your skills.
– Demonstration of specific ways to use your voice while learning to play a song by ear on the piano.
– Tips, tricks and cool stuff you can do with singing and audiation.
– MP3 Practice Tracks for singing exercises based on scales and tunes.

From simple scale-based exercises to more advanced song-based practice, Sara explains a step-by-step method to make singing and audiation an easy and natural part of your piano practice and gradually build that inner sense of where the right notes live on the keyboard.

Audiation and Singing: Resource Pack Preview


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Piano: Audiation (Resource Pack Preview)