Piano: Beginning Improvisation

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Beginning Improvisation: Resource Pack Preview

It can be intimidating to improvise on piano because typically you’re expected to provide both harmony and melody using your two hands. In this month’s Resource Pack for piano Sara Campbell teaches some simple but effective ways to get started improvising great-sounding arrangements:

– The natural minor scale and a simple chord progression you can use with it
– Exploring rhythmic and chordal patterns
– How to completely change your sound with different left-hand patterns
– Tips and tricks for feeling relaxed when exploring improvisation
– Applying the same techniques in a different key
– MP3 tracks demonstrating two different rhythms, two different left-hand patterns and an example solo using them.

With the approach that Sara teaches here, you can simply sit down at the keyboard and easily start creating music. Combined with the core listening skills you can learn with Musical U training, you have everything you need to dive deep into improvisation with confidence. Keep learning at: https://www.musical-u.com/learn/beginning-improvisation-resource-pack-preview/

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Piano: Beginning Improvisation