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Experimenting with playing the chord tones in different arrangements – called “chord voicing” – opens up a whole new world of sonic possibilities. http://musl.ink/respackchrdvoicing

Many times when we first learn chords on guitar or keyboard, we learn and memorize one basic hand shape for each chord. And we can go far with that. However, experimenting with playing the chord tones in different arrangements – called “chord voicing” – opens up a whole new world of sonic possibilities.

These voicings aren’t limited to traditionally chording instruments like guitar or piano – you can even learn cool chord shapes for your bass.

Let’s take, for example, a C major chord. The three notes that spell that chord are C, E, and G. Now here’s the magic: no matter what order or where you play those notes on your fretboard or keyboard, if you’re playing those same three notes it’s still a C chord!

E-G-C? Still a C chord. G-E-G-C? Still a C chord.

There are endless possibilities and combinations that you can devise – even for just three little notes.

So what are these different chord voicings good for?

– easier and smoother transitions from one chord to another
– harmonizing melodies while keeping the melody note on top
– avoiding clashing notes with singers or other instruments
– creating fuller and/or more sparse sounds
– creating cool riffs that link up with other players
– creating special sonic atmospheres – from light and airy to dark and
crunchy (and everything in between)
– and more!

When you learn to play chord voicings, you’ll also gain more mastery over your keyboard or fretboard.

In this month’s Instrument Packs, you’ll see how each of Musical U’s Resident Pros approaches the topic of chord voicing, and how you can explore the possibilities on your instrument. http://musl.ink/respackchrdvoicing

Learn more about Musical U Resident Pro Sara Campbell: https://sarasmusicstudio.com/



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Piano: Chord Voicing Resource Pack Preview